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What is a Brand Strategist?

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A brand strategist is a job that many people outside the media industry have heard of, yet it is one of the most important jobs for many companies who are trying to advertise and promote their products and services.

Below are some more details on what exactly a brand strategist does.

First, it’s important to understand the process of advertising or marketing a product or service for a brand. Before an ad of any kind is ever created, it must first be conceived based on what the company wants to say and also about whom the company itself is.


To discover this, the brand strategist will come in and come up with the brand’s story - which is more or less based on whom the brand was founded by, where it came from, how people currently perceive it or would perceive it once it was in the open market.

This entails doing a lot of research and interviews with people who are part of the brand, in the same space as the brand and are consumers of the brand.


Once the story is formed then a strategy can be created and implemented which in turn informs the creative for the ads themselves.

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