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What is a Branding Audit?

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While a branding audit may sound painful on multiple fronts, it’s usually an incredibly helpful practice that every brand must go through to stay current and up to date in an ever-changing marketplace.

Most of these branding audits are performed my brand strategists and their teams to get a better sense of how a brand is perceived by their clients and customers in general. It also covers other important areas like a brand’s values, mission and company culture.

All brands need audits, whether they are located in Pretoria, South Africa or New York City. Of course, where those brands are located and what they do as a company will affect how the audit is both performed and weighed by the auditors. Each time an audit is done, a number of things will be revealed about a brand and these will be both good and bad—brands should be prepared for as much bad news as good. However, all of this information can help a brand improve and be better in the future.

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