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What is Visual Branding?

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As its name suggests, visual branding is necessary to convey what a brand represents through visuals. 

This is the most striking and arguably the most important part of a brand, at least in regard to initial impressions for people they are trying to appeal to. Colors, designs, patterns, fonts are all critical to visual branding and it, when combined with messaging, can really send a powerful, lucrative message that sticks in the public’s mind. In other words, the better visual branding is, the more effectively a brand will make an impression.

However, visual branding will only take a brand so far. Very attractive logos, appealing colors or even well produced commercials will wear thin very quickly if the brand’s messaging or overall purpose isn’t sound or worth investing time and energy in. Consumers are much sharper than most brands give them credit for and while they might be drawn to flashy images at first, they won’t stick around without a convincing story.

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