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Why working with smaller creative agencies can help you get results faster.

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Why you should consider choosing an independent or smaller company over a large agency for your creative needs?

Let's Cut to the Chase

When hiring big creative agencies, you buck is fitting the bill for enormous process and admin heavy institutions to keep the wheels turning by paying salaries, accounts and overheads. That fancy coffee machine and stylish furniture in reception don't pay for themselves. If you have a limited budget, hiring an independent can be much more cost effective.

Broken Telephone

Not to mention, these previously mentioned processes create another hurdle which puts distance between you and the actual creatives creating your content. This in turns opens up the door to miscommunication and delays in getting the results you need. In essence, you're paying to be removed from the content creators.

Time and Time Again

No matter how good the quality of the work, it doesn't mean a thing if it's not delivered on time. Smaller creative companies have much quicker turnaround times with less red tape. Having that face-to-face connection with the client cuts down on time spent communicating about the brief and subsequent amendments, ensuring content is delivered on time and within deadline.

Get in touch if you'd like to feel good, by doing business good.

Sanmari Marais

Creative Director at Tonic Branding


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